Cellulite Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Marisa Lawrence helps residents throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta and other nearby communities fight cellulite with various non-invasive laser treatments, including Cellulaze™ and Cellfina®.

What is Cellulite? How is it Treated?

Cellulite is the appearance of lumps and dimples on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips and arms seen in 80% of people after adolescence. It is caused by fibrous bands that connect the skin to underlying tissue. Fat pockets get caught in between these stiff bands, causing the waviness and bumps seen on the skin surface.

There have been numerous attempts to treat cellulite with creams, mechanical massage, radiofrequency-generated heat, fat-dissolving injections and liposuction surgery. None of these techniques have been successful long-term for cellulite treatment because they do not address the cause of cellulite – the fibrous banding that holds the skin down. Two FDA-cleared procedures have been proven to have long-term success with the elimination of cellulite – Cellulaze™ and Cellfina® – and Dr. Marisa Lawrence is pleased to be able to offer both of these treatments to her patients.

How Do Cellulaze™ and Cellfina® Work?

Both systems cut the bands that cause the dimpling, releasing the skin. Cellulaze™ is a minimally-invasive laser that releases the fibrous bands causing the cellulite. The laser energy delivered also increases skin thickness and melts the fat pockets, which causes flattening and smoothing of the skin surface. The Cellfina® device has a small suction stabilizer and a handpiece that mechanically destroys the troublesome bands. Cellfina® is preferentially used where there are deeper dimples and less fat to be removed. Both Cellulaze™ and Cellfina® are minimally-invasive procedures that can be performed in Dr. Marisa Lawrence’s office in under an hour, depending on the sites treated.

How Many Cellulite Treatments are Necessary?

Each area only requires one treatment of Cellulaze™ or Cellfina®.

Is Cellulite Treatment Painful?

Local anesthesia is used so there is no discomfort during a Cellulaze™ or Cellfina® treatment. Patients may resume all activities immediately although there may be some soreness after the procedure.

How Long Do Cellulite Treatments Last?

Patients treated report a 93% satisfaction with their results one year after one treatment.

Is Cellulite Removal a Procedure for Me?

Both Cellulaze™ and Cellfina® will improve the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, hips, buttock, abdomen, and arms. Patients with deeper dimples and less fat will benefit more from Cellfina®. Patients who desire liposculpting at the same time as their cellulite removal may be a better candidate for Cellulaze™

To determine which procedure is best for you, call to make your personal appointment with Dr. Marisa Lawrence for an evaluation today. Our office serves residents throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta and other neighboring communities.

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